Grass-fed Lamb Share

Grass-fed Lamb Share

20 lbs. grass-fed lamb

Get your half of a delicious, all natural, grass-fed lamb. 

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Adelaida Springs Ranch lamb is raised exclusively on our home pastures and in our estate vineyard. No antibiotics or hormones are used, of course. The meat is mild, lean and succulent. It has been dry aged and then frozen and vacuum packaged in serving (2 chops to a package) and roast sizes to preserve peak seasonal freshness. We are offering our Lamb Shares (half of a lamb) at $250 list price. ASR beef club and Rangeland wine club discounts apply. Each lamb share includes on half of a lamb, or approximately: 

  • 1 rack
  • 1 loin, cut into 1" chops
  • sirloin and shoulder chops
  • 2 leg roasts
  • 2 shanks
  • riblets and stew meat
  • a few lbs. of ground lamb or sausage, in 1 lb. packages