About Our Cattle

Good mother cowAdelaida Springs Ranch cattle are purebred Angus or crossbred with at least 85% Angus blood. We raise our cattle entirely on our home ranch pasture grass. Some years we feed a little supplementary hay and minerals in the fall. We never feed our animals any grain. Our cattle are all at least 50% New Zealand Angus genetics, where ranchers have been breeding grass-fed cattle for over 100 years. Our first several bulls were imported and bred locally at Fair Oaks Ranch on Adelaida Road in Paso Robles. These bulls were descended from prestigious Turihaua Angus in New Zealand, Australasia's oldest breeder. A few years ago we introduced a Red Devon bull from the midwest (appropriately named Red Bull). This is the oldest breed of cattle in the U.S.--the first arrived with the pilgrims in 1623, and have for centuries been a delicious grass-fed beef breed.