Our Approach

Authentic and Hands-on

Everything we offer is grown right here. We are a family-owned business and we all make a contribution; we are each committed to creating wine, food, and visiting experiences that reflect the natural beauty and bounty of our ranch. Although we are not from ranching backgrounds, we have spent years learning the rudiments of farming and land stewardship by doing it ourselves. More often than not, we ride the horse, ATV or tractor to get the job done. We help pick our grapes and process our wines. We gather and doctor our cattle as a family. We have had many expert advisors in viticulture, winemaking and livestock management, not to mention the helpful hands of friends and neighbors, but we have retained personal control and daily involvement in the operation of the ranch. We think this hands-on approach makes a healthy difference in our lives and adds a richness to our understanding of the products we bring to you. We believe you can taste the authentic difference.


We take a great deal of care to steward the natural diversity and richness of the ranch. We have only planted and fenced 40 acres of vineyard out of the more than 1,500 acres of wild oak woodland on the ranch. Although we are not certified organic, we strictly limit our use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Our 200 sheep graze the vineyard when it's dormant, adding their own natural fertilizer and eliminating 2-3 mowing passes and the use of herbicides. Our cattle herd is limited in size and rotated carefully,  which leaves our soils intact and our landscape rich in wildlife, even in drier years. When we hunt, we barely dent the rich local populations of game. When you visit the ranch, we hope you'll notice our attempts to maintain its stirring natural beauty.

Simple and Open

Although we were already avid outdoors people before we moved to the ranch, we were nicely surprised at what a difference it made in our lives to live and work outdoors daily. We feel very fortunate to connect with nature through the ranch and we want to share our experience with you through our products and ranch events. We encourage you to enjoy the fruits of our land without complications: just drink, cook, eat, and enjoy.