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Laird Foshay
June 20, 2022 | Laird Foshay

Rangeland News June 2022

Contents:  Quiet Time?, Dinner June 18, Watershed Terroir, Beef Club News, Vineyard Vacay 

Summer has a different rhythm at Rangeland. The tasting room is quieter while customers are elsewhere with graduations, weddings and vacations. Our team stays busy with many behind-the-scenes projects. Winemaker Alex Kemp is prepping for a big July 1 bottling of our 2020 red wines. He's racking, sampling and blending. He's ordering supplies like bottles, corks, labels, nitrogen tanks and more. The wines have been tasting beautiful and they are ready to bottle age. We have to make room in the barrels and tanks for the upcoming harvest. In the vineyard we're mowing, tilling, irrigating, shoot thinning, lifting trellis wires and working on the vine canopy.  Not to mention the endless battle against rodents. Lisa and I will spend  a few days in the meat shop sorting and packing our beef into club boxes and shipping to customers. We should probably delegate this task but my wife is a meat packin' mama and she won't let go. Love her for that. In July we'll gather all our cattle for the annual calf branding and health check. Theorectically we'll get a chance to kick back before grape harvest, which will likely commence by Labor Day, but I ain't countin' on it. 

Full Moon Dinner, June 18 6-9 pm at the Ranch

We still have a few seats available for the Full Moon Dinner at our Adelaida Springs Ranch ranch--you'll enjoy a great meal featuring our own beef, lamb, some tasty J&R meats, and of course our delicious wines. Since June's full moon is called the strawberry moon, expect some berry fine desserts! Dress is casual, the 50 mile views of the Coast Range are magnificent--we hope to see you there! Tickets are $100/guest, before your club discount. Order tickets here.

The Watershed 2018 

The name of our Bordeaux-style cabernet blend derives from our vineyard location, which is planted on a divide, or watershed, between the Jack Creek and Las Tablas Creek drainages. That's appropriate, because we are crafting a wine that expresses our vineyard and environs. A wine of place. Our Adelaida Springs Ranch is just inside the Santa Lucia Coast Range, on the far western frontier of Paso Robles Adelaida District. The 2018 Watershed, like the hills around the vineyard, is redolent of bay and chaparral. It echoes the vibrancy of our calcareous limestone soils and the suave, dusty richness of our sandstone soils. The Watershed is rustically tart, textural and energetic on the palate. It notably complex, with dark fruit and herbaceous highlights, woven all the way through the sassy, lingering finish. It's a very good tasting wine and an outstanding food wine. It's a transcendently worthy dinner companion when paired with roasted or grilled pasture-fed meat, like we produce here at Rangeland. When people ask me what's my favorite Rangeland wine, I often say, "It's like my children, depends on how they are behaving." Tasting Room Manager Michelle likes to tease my son Jackson, who also pours, by saying, "The Watershed is Lisa's favorite child." It's also the favorite wine of many customers.  You can tap into the Rangeland Watershed zeitgeist and terroir with the following offer: Order 3 or more bottles of The Watershed 2018 and get 10% off (plus your club discount), shipping included.  Order here

Beef Club Coming Soon!

We are very pleased with our grass-fat beef this year, which came in a little heavier than usual. We'll begin processing beef club orders on June 22 for pick up in early July and delivery mid-July. If you haven't already, please update your credit card, shipping or pickup information using your email as login at RangelandWines.com. If you have enjoyed our grass-fed burgers at the tasting room and considered joining the beef club, now's the time! The 25 box includes 6 lbs steaks, 6 lbs roasts, 8 lbs ground and 5 lbs assorted cuts (stew meat, short ribs, etc.)  The cost is $280 for club members--you can't beat the price. Expand your culinary horizons, enjoy our delicious pasture-fed beef year-round, and know that your meat is raised sustainably and ethically. Sign up for the beef club here or order a box a la carte here

Summer at the Vacation Rental--A Few Weekends Open!

If you're looking for a peaceful, relaxing spot in the middle of westside Paso wine country, we've got you covered. Our 3BR, 2BA Vineyard View Cottage has a spacious deck and lawn, outdoor BBQ and hot tub, and lots of room inside for relaxing with a glass of Rangeland wine. And, you have access to the grounds of our tasting room during and after hours--coffee by the pond? Wine at the top of the hill? Whatever you desire! Book here.


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