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Laird Foshay
May 6, 2024 | Laird Foshay

Rangeland News May 2024

Winemaking, like many agricultural pursuits, does not always go to plan. Our Shepherd blend typically comprises our best lots of Syrah, Mourvedre and Grenache. Sometimes we include Petite Sirah for a little power boost. We had very high hopes for the 2020 vintage of the Shepherd, and many of those are realized in a wine that exudes a stylish balance between both fresh fruit and savory complexity, but sometimes also a touch of nature's wicked kiss: smoke. Although there were no local fires in Paso Robles in 2020, Monterey, Santa Cruz, Napa and Sonoma counties were all swept by wildfires from August to October. The smoke drifted southward down the coast and had an unexpectedly signficant impact on Paso Robles just as the grapes were ripening and softening for harvest. Not all varieties or vineyards were affected. Our Adelaida Springs Ranch estate vineyard seemed largely unaffected at crush time, during barrel aging and even at bottling time. But after 12 months of bottle aging, we were suprised to discover some intermittent (not every bottle, not for every taster) smokey flavors and aromas in our Shepherd blend. Here are the tasting notes: 

An exotic and floral nose of lupine,  petrichor, and ocean breeze precede a juicy palate. Flavors of blueberries, cinnamon, and chaparral fill out a rich finish. Some tasters detect a hint of smoke on the palate and finish from the 2020 wildfires. Pair with a roast chicken and grilled veggies

We had planned to offer this fine Rhone blend for $55 per bottle, but considering the flaw (or is it a feature?), we are offering these outstanding special prices:

  • 6 bottles of 2020 Shepherd for $175, shipping included, before club discount. Order here.
  • 12 bottles of 2020 Shepherd for $299, shipping included, before club disount. Order here.

As a reminder, here are current "sunset" club discount rates and shipping is always included:

  • 4 bottle Intro Club members receive a 25% discount
  • 6 bottle Estate Club members get 30% off
  • 12 bottle Case Club members get 35% off


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