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Laird Foshay
April 1, 2021 | Laird Foshay

April Fools: HR Development in the Paso Robles Hills

Below is a glimpse into the management style of your slightly deranged Rangeland rancher and vintner. I recently sent this email to my ranch manager. 

Dear Dane,

I write to you from a hospital bed in Templeton. This saga began about 6pm yesterday when I went to grab the Ram pickup to feed the sheep.  

When I started to load the hay, I found to my dismay and consternation, the tailgate latch handle entirely missing. So I soldiered ahead by loading the 100 lb hay bale _over_ the tailgate. Onward to the sheep, where I climbed up into the truck to toss hay into the pen. I noticed that, between the alfalfa and bare metal pickup bed, I had quite the skating rink underfoot. I also noticed the hay hooks could be stowed more safely. No problem, I surmised, I can handle this. The first flake-toss went smoothly. On the second toss, however, my feet started to go. Soon I was high stepping like Charlie Chaplin on methamphetamine, trying to regain my footing. Then my feet went high and my ass low as I flopped with clunk and a meaty stabbing sound, flat to the truck bed with a hay hook buried in my back. 

At this point, I was disoriented from shock and feeling somewhat uncomfortable from the do-dad stuck between my back ribs. I was having trouble catching my breath, probably due to my collapsed lung. I worked my way upright, lowered myself gingerly from the truck bed and began to walk for home. I hadn't gone far when my greatest fear, my worst nightmare was realized. I was slammed forward to the ground from behind. 

I saw stars as I hit the ground and felt the gravel grind my forehead to the bone. My limbs and back were being gripped and clawed by four slashing paws of a big cat while his full weight drove the hay hook deeper and pinned me to the ground. The hook ground noticeably against my ribs and perforated my innards further. The cougar's teeth hammered my skull and gnawed relentlessly as I struggled to free my leatherman and open the blade. After a long wrestle, I was able to roll over to my back and--onto the hay hook! The new pain caused me to lurch and scream maniacally as I faced the cat for the first time. Startled by my convulsions, he whipped his blood and slobber-soaked muzzle from side to side, bearing his huge choppers in a blood soaked, demonic snarl. I was exploding now with adrenaline, I jabbed my thumb into his left eye socket while I drove my trusty steel into his neck, just below the powerful jaw. Hot blood burst from his neck and I soon felt the life recede from his powerful body. The lion gurgled his last as I heaved his carcass to the side and lurched to my feet. I staggered home and passed out at Lisa's feet. 

The doctors sewed me up with 171 stitches. They think my lung and ruptured liver (toughened by years of enthusiastic alcohol consumption) will eventually heal. Lisa may never forgive me about the blood stains on her white leather Tesla interior as she rushed me to the ER. 

This story is based on a real event. The tailgate latch on the pickup was broken. All other events are an elaboration on this rock solid foundation of truth. The moral of this story is, you should always tell your boss if something is broken and see that it is repaired in a timely fashion. 

Laird Foshay
Adelaida Springs Ranch, home of preposterously good Rangeland wines and meats

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Laird Foshay
February 10, 2021 | Laird Foshay

2020 Rose Release and Special

We are releasing our latest Flora Rosé this week, just in time for Valentine's Day. This pale pink, aromatic and refreshing rosé is a blend of Merlot, Zinfandel and Grenache. Our 11th annual Flora Rosé botanical label features a lupine commonly found in Paso Robles and throughout California (Lupinus Polyphyllus). It's a beautiful bottle, a lovely wine, and would make a special gift for someone you love. Checkout our new Rangeland logotype!

Our Flora Rosé retails for $24, but from now until the end of February, we are offering the following specials with $1 shipping (coupon code $1ship). All prices before club discount:

3 bottles for $66, or $22 per bottle, order here
6 bottles for $120, or $20 per bottle, order here
12 bottle case for $216, $18 per bottle, order here

We usually sell out of this wine in the summer, so stock up now and save! 

Vacation Rental Available in March

We are booked for February and April, but have a few openings in March. That's a beautiful time of year to visit Paso--so green! This cozy cottage (3 BR, 2 BA, sleeps six), is quiet and comfortable, with good wifi service making it an ideal place to work from "home." Check out availability and see more details here.

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Laird Foshay
January 28, 2021 | Laird Foshay

Tasting Room Opens and Rain!

Tasting Room Now Open for Wine Tasting Outdoors

California has lifted the stay at home order, so we are now open for outdoor tasting Thursday to Monday, 11-5. Charcuterie plates are available for purchase now and burger service will start again soon (more on that later). Make an appointment here and dress warmly!


Our drought busted wide open Tuesday night and an atmospheric river swept in. We've had a record 15 inches of rainfall in the last 48 hours and it's still raining! We are giddy with relief and storm fever. The creeks are roaring in the coastal mountains. There are some big oaks down, including one that squashed the (empty) chicken coop at the tasting room, much to the alarm of our vacation rental guests. We're grateful no major damage has occurred. Check out the before (January 26) and after (January 28) pictures of the lake at the foot of our vineyard.

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Laird Foshay
January 21, 2021 | Laird Foshay

Rangeland Wines: Enthusiastic Accolades

Contents: Accolades, Lockdown Specials Countdown, Tasting Room Bottle Purchases

Wine Enthusiast: Straight "A"s for Rangeland

We recently received a pre-publication notice that Wine Enthusiast magazine has rated the following Rangeland Wines:

  • 2016 Limestone Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon Adelaida District, 94 points. New release!
  • 2016 The Watershed Bordeaux-style Red Blend Adelaida District, 94 points
  • 2019 Sauvignon Blanc Adelaida District, 91 points

Of course we are very gratified by these 94 point ratings, which are the highest ever for our Cabernet based wines. The 2016 vintage started with very high hopes but took us on a roller coaster plunge when we discovered some smoky aromas and flavors (after bottling!) from the influence of the local, 46,000 acre Chimney Fire. You may remember the smoke-influenced 2016 Mistletoe, which we sold out some time ago at "fire sale" prices. The ripe and powerful 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon (not rated by the Enthusiast) has been a Rangeland family favorite for some time, with no hint of smoke. The Watershed has had a cultish following among our customers for many years, so the 2016 score crowns an obvious champion. Our recent tastings of the 2016 Limestone Reserve raised eyebrows and provoked hedonistic grins. We are super excited about this flagship wine, which is tasting great and should age for a decade or more. Winemaker Paul Hinscherger describes: 

Crimson colored and tenaciously focused, this 2016 Limestone is one for the ages. The aroma captivates your senses with dusty cherry, oregano, cigar box, and saffron.  Fine tannins and integral acidity accentuates flavors of black currant, plum, graphite, and chocolate.  It is sultry, and complex—and definitely deserves to be decanted.  100% Cabernet Sauvignon. Aged 20 months in 50% new French oak, 50% once used French oak

Lockdown Specials Expire January 31

Our Lockdown Specials will last only through the end of January. That means you can order all of our current wines, including our high scoring beauties, as follows: 

  • Order any 3 bottles (you can mix and match) of  Rangeland's current selection for $99, just $33 per bottle before your club discount with $1 shipping. Order by email so we can put your special order together with correct pricing. 
  • Order any 6 bottles (you can mix and match) of Rangeland's current selection  for $180, just $30 per bottle before your club discount with $1 shipping. Order by email so we can put your special order together with correct pricing. 
  • Order any 12 bottles (you can mix and match) of Rangeland's current selection  for $300, just $25 per bottle before your club discount with $1 shipping. Order by email so we can put your special order together with correct pricing. 

These may the finest wines available anywhere at these prices, but we wanted to reward our longtime and loyal customers before the world rushes in. Thanks for your support!

Tasting Room Bottle Purchases

Currently we are open for wine bottle and case sales, Thursday to Monday, 11-5. Make an appointment here. 

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Laird Foshay
January 7, 2021 | Laird Foshay

Rangeland News January 2021: Lockdown Specials

Contents: Lockdown Wine Specials, Tasting Room Update, Rental Cottage Offers

Lockdown Wine Specials

Well it's a New Year but it looks like same ol', same ol" here in Cali as we enter the tenth month of gruesome (rhymes with?) controls over our civil liberties and commercial freedoms. We are also facing a very droughty start to our annual rainy season. We've had only 1.5 inches of rain so far. No green grass has started on our beautiful hills and there is no precip in the forecast. So we are feeding our cattle hay, thinking about winter vineyard irrigation and hoping for wet weather. Tough times at Calamity Ranch. I was going to buy a helicopter to keep up with Kevin Costner in Yellowstone, but I guess that will have to wait! Thing is, we still have our sense of humor, and a cellar full of wine to send to you, so check out these specials. 

To stoke the lagging fires of Rangeland commerce during a slow time and, most importantly, to brighten your table and outlook, we are offering our most flexible wine special ever:

Order any 3 bottles of  Rangeland's current selection for $99, just $33 per bottle before your club discount with $1 shipping. Order by email so we can put your special order together with correct pricing. 

Order any 6 bottles of Rangeland's current selection  for $180, just $30 per bottle before your club discount with $1 shipping. Order by email so we can put your special order together with correct pricing. 

Order any 12 bottles of Rangeland's current selection  for $300, just $25 per bottle before your club discount with $1 shipping. Order by email so we can put your special order together with correct pricing. 

Tasting Room Update: Pick Ups Only for Now

Currently we are open for wine pick ups only, Thursday to Monday, 11-5. Make an appointment here. We hope to have more news for you soon about retarting on-site wine consumption and food service. 

Vineyard View Cottage Offers

Our beautiful and secluded Vineyard View Cottage (sleeps 6) has many open dates in the next couple of months, so break away from the grind and enjoy the quiet. Stay at our home away from home. Good wifi service makes remote work possible. For booking dates through the end of February, we are offering:

  • 3 nights for the price of two; $400 weekend nights/$350 week nights, before club discount.
  • One week (7 nights) for the price of 4 nights. 

Check out availabilty and see more details here. 

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Laird Foshay
November 20, 2020 | Laird Foshay

Rangeland Holiday News, November 2020

In this issue: Wine Specials, Beef Specials, Holiday Hours, Ode to Harvest

What a year. What a world! Now the holidays are upon us. Time to savor the good things, celebrate our health, connect with loved ones, mourn our losses and give thanks. See the end of this letter for my musings on another completed harvest. 


Admit it, you've been good this year. So take advantage of this deal and give yourself a case of 2017 Mistletoe, our delicious Cab/Syrah blend. At just $300/case (that's before your club discount), you can also take care of everyone on your Christmas list.  $1 shipping (use coupon code $1ship). Order here


Cabernet pairs so beautifully with the rich hearty meals of winter. We're offering a special on our 2016 Cabernet: 3 bottles for $99. Save $20 before club discounts and just $1 shipping (use coupon code $1ship). Order here


For loved ones who are "Rangeland worthy", how about two bottles of fine wine: one 2017 Mistletoe and one 2019 Sauvignon Blanc, for $50 before club discounts and just $1 shipping (use coupon code $1ship). Order here.


Hard-to-shop-for, but important people on your holiday gift list? How about a 10 pound box of grass-fed ground beef ($110) or 20 pounds ($190). Or go all-in for a 25 lb. beef club box of mixed cuts (steaks, roasts, ground and extras, $300). You're giving the gift of health--delicious, nutrient-rich grass-fed beef--and a gift that will be enjoyed well into next year. Club discounts apply.  $1 shipping (use coupon code $1ship). We will ship all meat orders in January, after the holiday package rush, but we can send a gift card for you in December. Place your order here


We are closed Thanksgiving Day, November 26. We'll be open Friday Novebmer 27 through Monday November 30, 11 to 5, as usual. Our grass-fed hamburger service will shift to  Friday November 27 and Saturday the 28th, from 11 to 4, just for the holday weekend. After Thanksgiving, normal Saturday and Sunday burger service will continue through the year end, weather permitting. We are limited to outdoor tasting, by appointment.


We are closed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. We'll be open for business the rest of the holiday, our regular hours, 11-5 Thursday - Monday. Please make a reservation


At grape harvest time, my wife Lisa works a couple of days a week helping winemaker Paul and intern Luke sort fruit and clean the winery equipment. The boys work intermittently in great bursts, ebbing and flowing with the ripening waves of fruit. Starting in the pre-dawn and sometimes lasting into the night: they are sampling, picking, trucking, processing, punching down, pressing and barreling down. Lisa also does "the usual": bookkeeping, wine deliveries and cleaning of the greathouse, cleaning my clothes and soothing my ego. She does all that when she is not cooking meals for the crew in the winery or for friends in need or for her husband. This is not an elegy. It's a fond observation.

I am too caught up in the business of "digital ranching" to really engage with the dusty boot work of harvest, the greasy tractors and endless tons of sticky fruit. After years of hands-on farming, now I just drop in and kibbitz the operation. I may pull an all-nighter when the hand-picked bins are stacked 25 deep, 1000 pounds at a time and the LED lights flare out over the hilly oak woodland, but that is a rare occurrence anymore. As Head Coach, I mostly try to keep our little team on track with sage advice and the occasional rebuke--while I try to keep my own shit together.

Agriculture is like any other business, but when you are caught up in it, it seems deeper. Even winegrowing (essential work?) carries this aura, this burden, this gift. The life and deathiness of agriculture is inescapable. Of course with livestock, but also with wine. The annual march of vintages. The deep rooted perennial plants.  Maybe farming is more nourishing, intoxicating and more punishing than other kinds of work, although I'm sure many soldiers, nurses and others would disagree. Like all forms of devotion, we make it work and make it hurt. We cannot avoid overdoing it. The season requires it. So does our driven nature. Good abuse like this, so meaningful and earth-bound, is truly hard to find.

Harvest is a time of natural culmination and profound gathering. At harvest time I think about my fellow farmers and all their struggles, their mortgages, their children, their heads-in-hands moments and their quiet sunrises. I smile about their fat year surplus. When the fires sweep over the hills, I am singed by their losses. Involuntarily, I brace for my own fiery reckoning. At harvest time, I taste my accumulating years like bones in the savory broth of time. 

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Laird Foshay
October 2, 2020 | Laird Foshay

Rangeland News October 2020

Contents: Fall Wine Club, Doppel Club offer, Lamb Club, Free Lunch "Party", Harvest Fest, Toots-a-Loo!

Wine Club + Doppel Offer

Harvest is in full swing under hot, smoky conditions.  Winemaker Paul, harvest intern Luke and vineyard manager Eusebio are hard at it, while I kibbitz the operation. With 25 tons of grapes fermenting in the winery and more picked every day, we are almost over the harvest hump.   

So it must be time to announce our fall Wine Club selection, detailed below. If you are a six bottle or more club member, we are offering an additional 10% off with $1 shipping if you double your order. For example, a 6-bottle, 20% off Estate Club member would get a full case at 30% off, a discount of about $40 on that case of wine, plus shipping savings. If you would like to take advantage of this offer to stockpile a little wine for the holidays, please email us. 

We will start billling the wine club October 22, but they are available for pickup now. We will ship wine clubs starting November 2. Here is the fall selection:

  • 2019 Sauvignon Blanc* - new release!
  • (or 2016 Ultramafic for reds only members)
  • 2016 Cabernet* 
  • 2017 Mistletoe
  • 2017 Petite Sirah*
  • 2016 The Shepherd - new!, 96 points, double gold from Sunset Magazine 
  • 2016 Watershed*

*denotes 4-bottle intro club selection

Please let us know by email if you'd like to customize your fall shipment. All the available wines are listed here. Please update your credit card and shipping information, if necessary, at www.RangelandWines.com. You can use your email address to retrieve your password to login. 

Lamb Club

Our fall Lamb Club is harvested and packed. We'll be billing Lamb Club on October 15. You can pick up your shipment beginning Monday, October 19 at J&R in Paso and we'll be shipping that same day. Shipping orders will get an email notice beforehand. Please make an appointment if you'd like to pick up your lamb at the tasting room.  Update your info online, clear out your freezer and get ready for this savory, sustainably raised lamb. 

Club Member Appreciation Pickup "Party":
The Free Lunch!

Since we are unable to hold our traditional pick up party, we are inviting all of our club members (wine, beef and lamb) to a enjoy a truly free lunch on Sundays only: October 25, November  1, 8 and 15.  Each Intro (4 bottle) or Estate (6 bottle), Beef or Lamb Club membership will entitle you to one free grass-fed burger or bowl of chili, a side dish and a “Lisa cookie” on these dates.  Case Club (12 bottle) members and "Doppel" fall wine club orders can receive two free lunches.  Reservations are required.

Harvest Festival

Paso Robles Harvest Festival is October 16-18, and we will be open and serving our grass-fed burgers as usual, Saturdays and Sundays only, from 11-4. There may even be a lamb burger on the menu! We expect to still be serving outside only, with social distancing measures in place. Please make an appointment here. You may even get a peak at the 2020 wines being processed in the winery-- a bright spot in this crazy year. We look forward to seeing you!

The Legend of "Toots-a-Loo!"

As many of our longtime customers know, I like to inject a little revealing humor into our newsletter. Well, this little ditty is on the top of my stack lately. 

Some of my kids were visiting recently. We were all sitting around the dinner table after a little bit of wine and the conversation took a dark turn about aging and vulnerabililty. Have you noticed how often that happens since the VIRUS has been with us? Anyway, somehow the conversation focused on me, Daddy, and the kids started talking gleefully about what a hideous curr I will become if incapacitated in my (current) old age.

I did not deny this. My record as an occasional patient is a stark monument to profanity, non-cooperation and narcissitc self-absorption bordering on hypochondriacal hysteria. Nevertheless, even Trump deserves a little empathy for his mania and current illness. So I was looking desperately around the table for a little mock sympatico. My eyes settled on my wife Lisa, who was positively bubbling with good humor. 

Lisa is widely known for her nurturing and compassionate behavior. She donates children's books to libraries. She helps the developmentally disabled. Except for me. She is constantly cooking meals for the sick and bereft. Her plates of cookies flow like a beneficent Niagara of sweet flavors and tidings. She is a substantional source of sunshine and good cheer to all who know her. Well, almost all. She is my rock and my muse. So I was expecting her to come to my defense at any moment against the Spawn, when she volunteered the following observation: "Well, if it comes down to having to change dad's diapers, it's toots-a-loo for me, kids!"

While my mouth hung open in gap-toothed amazement, the rest of the family was pounding the table and laughing like a bunch of berserk chimpanzees. To amplify this insulting and profoundly hurtful interlude, my eldest son began to explain how "Although Dad is pretty funny sometimes, he tries way too hard. But Mom hangs back and then hits you with a humor bomb like "Toots-a-loo!" She's the really funny one."

Now I hear "toots-a-loo" all the time from my loved ones. Over and over again. So I admit it. I'm a bad patient. I'm cantankerous. I'm destined to be abandoned in my dotage by my laughing wife and kids. I'll be left to die at the hands of a busty Nurse Rachet (it's my dark fantasy!) in the wild Adelaida hills. My grave will be trampled by the very livestock I bred. No, I mean husbanded. I mean.... Oh you know what I mean! I'll be dug up by wild animals. My rotting carcass will be torn limb from limb by a pack coyotes competing to digest my withered remains. Clearly, I try way too hard. And I'm not even very funny. 

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Laird Foshay
September 10, 2020 | Laird Foshay

Rangeland News September 2020

Contents:  GSM Accolades, Wine Specials, Beef, Contentment?

The Shepherd GSM Goes Double Gold

Imagine a mostly humble shepherd with a long crook and a dark wooly beard. He has a big smile on his face and two shiny gold medals hanging around his neck, glinting in the sun. That would be our winemaker Paul Hinschberger after learning that our 2017 The Shepherd, Rangeland's first true GSM since 2013, had been awarded 96 points and a double gold medal in the Sunset International Wine Competition. 

Our 2017 The Shepherd ($40 list price) is dark, aromatic, fruity and complex. It compares favorably with many presitigous central coast Rhone blends that can cost twice as much. We are pouring this wine now in the tasting room. Outdoor service only. Just 195 cases made. Order here.

Wine Specials: 2017 Mistletoe and 2016 Cabernet

The 2017 Mistletoe may be the best rendition yet of our Cab/Syrah blend, showing a beautiful balance between new-world fruit and old-world minerality. We are offering this outstanding wine at $300 a case ($25 per bottle) before club discount with $1 shipping. An Estate wine or beef club member price, including the 20% discount, would be $20 per bottle. Case quantities only. Order here.

Rangeland 2016 Cabernet has been a favorite in the tasting room all summer. It is a fun, suave and fruity Cab, owing to a 10% share of Merlot and an opulently ripe 2016 vintage. But this is also a dark, complex and age worthly Cabernet Sauvignon. We are offering 3 bottles of this outstanding wine at $99, before club discounts, with $1 shipping. Order here

Grassfed Beef and Burgers

We still have some delicious, nutritious grassfed beef available in 25 lb. boxes of mixed cuts, as well as 10 lb and 20 lb boxes of ground beef. Order here.

We are serving hamburgers with our Rangeland estate grassfed beef every Saturday and Sunday at the tasting room, 11 to 4. Outdoor seating only due to Covid restrictions. Make an appointment to join us. 

The Summer of our Discontent, Or?

Harvest is upon us and we are bringing some white and rosé fruit into the winery this week. Despite a recent heat spike, growing conditions have been good this year and we look forward to a fine vintage. At this tipping point of a difficult year, I am encouraged to both reminisce and look ahead. Despite inglorious lightning fires, smoky air, the Covid, shifting government regulation, sleepy and crazy presidential candidates, as well as unjust and riotous behavior all around, I think it's been a pretty good summer. Don't you? There is a lot that we don't control but life goes on. We count our blessings and appreciate our good health when we have it. We do our work. We take care of our families. We contribute. We try to eat better food and enjoy our wine. Society has many ties (governments, businesses, churches and clubs) but it boils down to the individual to move it forward. By personal example, we can keep society more pleasant, safe and productive. "Every heart vibrates to that iron string." When I see you with a smile, a few friends, a grassfed hamburger and a bottle of Rangeland, it encourages me that we are doing something simple but worthwhile. Your good humor in the face of uncertainty demonstrates the strength of our society and values. Rally forward. Look to a healthy, robust and more just future. Cheers!

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Laird Foshay
July 25, 2020 | Laird Foshay

Christmas in July!

Your Favorite Wine: Window is Closing Soon

Our 2-fer-1 case special lasts only through July 31. It has been gratifying to see so many customers drink more Rangeland wine--a fine curative for difficult times. Several wines have sold out during the sale, so we are releasing our 2017 Mistletoe ($29 before discounts) during this sale. Mistletoe is a Cabernet/Syrah blend, always a customer favorite and the 2017 is rockin' right now with bright fruit, rich complexity and silky, lasting tannins. See our complete selection of currently available Rangeland wines here. Order 24 bottles for the price of 12. Your club discount applies.  No mixed cases--you have to pick a favorite! You can, however, have more than one favorite. Order two cases of your favorite wine(s) by email here

Vacation Rental

Our Vineyard View Cottage vacation rental is available for several dates in August and September. It's a really lovely, relaxing place to recharge your batteries and enjoy some quiet country living. The 3-bedroom house sleeps six--perfect for a family or 2-3 couples. To view the house and make a booking inquiry, go here

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Laird Foshay
July 14, 2020 | Laird Foshay

2 fer 1 Wine Special, just 2 weeks left

Contents: Wine Case Special Update, Beef Available, Tasting Room Open, Burgers, Predator!

Your Favorite Wine x 2, Two Weeks to Go

Well, our 2 fer 1 case special has been a big hit. It's really fun selling wine by the case but it's hell luggin' all dem boxes. My son thinks I'm too old (61) to be doing this work. Although my back is a little sore, I say "Pshaw!" All good times have a limit, however, and this sale will last only until July 31, so place your order now via email. We are out of some popular wines like the 2015 Watershed, but the 2016 Watershed is tasting great and we have plenty of 2016 Cabernet, 2016 Petite Sirah and many other fine wines still on hand. See our complete selection here. How it works: 24 bottles for the price of 12. Your club discount applies.  No mixed cases--you have to pick a favorite! You can have more than one favorite wine. Order two cases of your favorite wine by email here

Beef Available Now!

We harvested enough beef to supply our Beef Club list and still have these boxes available:

  • 25 lb Beef Club box, mixed cuts, $300 before club discount
  • 20 lbs Ground Beef, $190 before discount
  • 10 lbs Ground Beef, $110 before discount 

With a little more dry-aging time on the rail (3 to 4 weeks), the beef is really tasting good this year. So dark and flavorful. Also nutrient rich and anti-inflammatory--as nature intends it. We feel very proud and privileged to grow and offer this outstanding meat. Order here. You can also sign up for our ongoing Beef Club here

Tasting Room Open for Outdoors Wine + Food Service

Since we have been seating all our guests outdoors, the recent restrictions have had no effect. We are still pouring wine, Thursday to Monday, 11 to 5. And we are serving killer grass-fed hamburgers on the weekends (Saturday and Sunday, 11 to 4) prepared by the skilled and enthusiastic Prancing Chef. Make an appointment.

Digital Rancher Gets Natural Reminder

I do so much of this work (email, customer service, financials), that I wryly call myself the Digital Rancher. I was sitting at my computer, as usual, this morning when Dane, our ranch manager, walked in with a sad report. Ramses, our male sheep sire (ram), was killed by a mountain lion last night. The lethal wound was a crushing bite to the esophagus. Only a big cat can do this. Losing sheep to predators, especially cougars, is fairly common in the area. This one hit us hard because Ramses was valuable breeding stock, but also the constant companion of our retired quarterhorse Cactus. They were inseparable buddies. Ramses would often stand under Cactus' tail, apparenlty just enjoying the shade without fear of kick or output. Now that's trust. The attack occured just 200 yards or so from our house. Cactus apparently drove the lion away because the ram was not eaten. Must have been quite a scene with Cactus snorting and kicking his arthritic hind quarters to protect his buddy, but moments too late. Can't quite believe all that happened while we were sleeping with the french doors open in that direction. So long live the memory of Ramses and his bromance with Cactus, the protector.

This is a reminder to all of us who are civilized and digitally enabled. When we encroach on Nature, she pushes back with all her powers. I think we'll have to live with all these natural forces: predator, climate and virus. 

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